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Finding Beast
short documentary

While Olivia’s parents prepare to sell their NJ home and relocate to Florida, Olivia puts her life in LA on
hold to embark upon an important mission – she must rescue the ghost of her childhood
cat from her family’s home before it’s too late.

Olivia was born and raised in a lakeside house in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, as was her childhood
cat and confidant, Beast. Olivia and Beast shared a very intense human-to-cat bond growing up, and spiritual
connection to this day. Although Beast died of old age in 2007, people claim a fluffy champagne colored cat still haunts the
rooms of 242 Lakeside Avenue. Olivia feels it is her duty to contact Beast in an attempt to help him finally “move on” before her
parents sell the house and leave New Jersey. Thankfully with the professional assistance of world
renowned pet psychic, Barbara Mackey, this all is quite possible.

Written/Directed by Olivia Accardo
Produced by Sofia Snyder
Director of Photography:  Eliot Grigo
Editor: Dusty Saunders

Featured on Future of Film is Female

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