One True Loves @ Rhode Island International Film Fest 2019

“I made One True Loves because at the time, I was very much obsessed with my own melodramatic obsession with heartbreak. I was heartbroken (over someone who I think I went on barely two dates with) when the concept of One True Loves started becoming more of a real project. The original idea was to make a short film about every single person I considered the "love of my life" starting from my first boyfriend in the 7th grade.”

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Meet Olivia Accardo of One True Loves in Highland Park

“I initially started undergrad at Savannah College of Art & Design as a double major in Film & Animation, I was taking extra classes every semester so I would still graduate on time with both degrees – and long story short, I burnt myself out and spontaneously dropped out of school halfway through my sophomore year and got on a plane to Los Angeles a day later.”

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Meeting the love of your life eight different times: an interview with Olivia Accardo

"The second episode—the one about Josh Wessell, who would repeatedly draw Basset Hounds—captures the comedic awkwardness of unreciprocated obsession. The mourning period lasted two years—do you still wonder what happened to this bus stop boy?"

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MUFF Alumni Interview — Olivia Accardo

"One True Loves hit me in an unexpected way. I was also 11 in 2002, and as the episodes went on, though the experiences were different, it was amazing to see a version of my life on screen. The series shows not only what it means to be in love when you are young but explores growing up, learning through mistakes and the confidence needed to be brave."

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No Budge: Official Selection

"'One True Loves' is a coming-of-age comedy series directed by Olivia Accardo that captures the travails of young love with pinpoint authenticity, pulling off a mix of the delightfully hopeful and painfully awkward."

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Fund This: One Love Story Is Good, But How About Eight?

"As noted philosopher Ed Sheeran once sang, people fall in love in mysterious ways. Now, a web series wants to look into that phenomenon. Olivia Accardo is the creator behind One True Loves, a planned web series that will chronicle the eight different times she has fallen in love."

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idontwant2havesexwu - Olivia Accardo

"Olivia Accardo is tired of coming up with excuses to not have sex with you. the video artist laments, "I've confused a handful of men with the phrase "I don't want to have sex" ... in reality, if I say I don't want to do a thing, I shouldn't feel the need to make the situation less uncomfortable for the man who is feeling "rejected", as the girl who's calmly trying to joke her way out of an unsafe situation." check out her painfully funny video."

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Mini MUFF Profile: Olivia Accardo

"Playing with overarching themes of life, love and death, Cupcake Bob is a mark of the burgeoning talent that is Olivia Accardo. It is insightful and whimsical, and will make you want to hug your cat."

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